Final NAPA Fuel Filter Suppressor Video



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The Fuel Filter / Oil Filter Sound Suppressor (Silencer) Video Series is Over. At least for now.

This is the end of the multi-part video series on the Fuel Filter Sound Suppressor that so of many of you requested. I thought it was going to be a single video, and it was immediately obvious, during editing, that we had too much background noise and needed a quick follow-up with no target ringing to obscure the effectiveness of the new "suppressor".

This is the video where is finally failed: https://youtu.be/tf43tHYFzO8

Here we are, 5 parts later, and we have found the limitations of it, having recorded a catastrophic failure in the last part, and rebuilt it, as a proper sound suppressor, with nothing left of the original "filter" except the tube and end-caps.

Something kind of funny, I "thought" I was getting an occasional "double-tap" during the filming of this, and it was absolutely confirmed during editing. The selector is getting a little bound up inside the tube we made, not completely taking the sear out of play when in Semiautomatic mode. I'll fix that asap.

Anyway, it's been a fun video series. I am not certain if it is a cost effective way to make a suppressor, and wouldn't go this route given the amount of equipment I have at my disposal, but if I needed or wanted a way to make a Form 1 Suppressor without a lathe, it would certainly be an option. It absolutely works but as stated SEVERAL times (and it keeps getting buried under comments of people only speculating) it IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ANY HIGH PRESSURE ROUNDS. I keep hearing people say they are making one for their rifle, most often .223, and thank God others are chiming in and sharing stories of "Their Friend down the street" who fired a high-pressure round though his and blew it up. These are an aluminum tube, regardless of what you have or make for baffles and they WILL FAIL with anything over a subsonic pistol round. There is a reason EVERY manufacturer uses steel, stainless, titanium, inconel, scandium, etc making rifle suppressors. It is because Aluminum will not take the pressure.

It is also important to understand I am a Title 2 NFA Firearms Manufacturer and can make and service Suppressors without all the additional regulations pertaining to individuals making these. You absolutely can make an NFA Item, but there are certain rules that are extremely important to understand. I don't want to see anyone getting in trouble because they "saw something on the internet." (I have a "Friend down the road" who say's it isn't a solid legal defense. :-)

Get your forms to make your suppressor at www.AFT.gov. If you follow the link to "Firearms Industry" and the link to "Forms" you will find everything you need. It is most often an ATF Form 1 that is necessary to make almost everything you want.

Have fun and be safe!

    • Uploaded: 11/22/2017