Officers Kill Suspect Brutally Beating Fellow Officer With Baton



Officer Gregory Lovell responds to a disturbance at a Salt Lake City massage parlor involving a suspect named Michael Peterson, 39. As Lovell arrives on scene, he can be seen talking to a woman that works at the massage parlor. The suspect can also be seen walking just out of the corner of the camera. When Lovell confronts him, Peterson ignores him, and continues walking away.

Lovell then calls his dispatching officer to request back-up as he starts to follow Peterson away on foot to a nearby gas station where the suspect enters a Jeep that does not belong to him. You can hear the owner of the vehicle telling him to get out of the vehicle, and Lovell draws his Taser and gives him one warning.

Peterson ignored the warning, and responds in the same fashion that he had since the beginning, which is to curse out the officer. Lovell deploys his Taser, and it fails to fully connect, or have any visible impact on the suspect who then gets out of his vehicle and charges the officer. He manages to get a hold of the officer's baton, and starts smashing him in the head with it.

Back-up arrives just in time, and they are forced to employ deadly force on Peterson to get him to stop attacking. Police Lt. Andrew Oblad was the officer who responded to the call for back-up, and was ultimately the officer that had to make the decision to use deadly force. After an investigation, the officers were cleared of any wrong-doing. "The violence that's exacted against officer Lovell and the threat that is present to Lt. Oblad, that is ever-present and escalating, they had no choice but to use the force that they did," the investigating officer said.

    • Uploaded: 06/20/2019