Carry a full trauma kit on your ankle!



Having an ankle trauma kit holster is a great way to add a complete trauma kit to your EDC (Everyday Carry)! The ankle kit features a tourniquet, gauze, compression bandage, and occlusive dressing.

Holster is made by North American Rescue: http://shop.skinnymedic.com/Ankle-Trauma-Kit_c54.htm

The Kit Includes: TQ (Gen 7 C-A-T TQ or SOFT-T Wide) Gauze(S-Rolled, Combat Gauze, EMS Rolled Gauze, Celox 15g, or Celox Rapid) 4" NAR Flat Bandage Petroleum Gauze Occlusive Dressing for a chest seal (Sucking Chest Wound)

Buy Here: http://shop.skinnymedic.com/Ankle-Trauma-Kit_c54.htm

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    • Uploaded: 11/06/2017