House Bill Introduced To Ban Devices That Increase Rate Of Fire!



Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo has introduced a bill that will "prohibit the manufacture, possession, or transfer of any part or combination of parts that is designed and functions to increase the rate of fire of a semiautomatic rifle but does not convert the semiautomatic rifle into a machinegun, and for other purposes." Summary of the legislation, and why it's so dangerous, in the video above.

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Phone numbers for Reps singled out here: Carlos Curbelo: 305-222-0160 Peter King: 516-541-4225 Leonard Lance: 908-788-6900 908-518-7733 Patrick MeeHan: 610-690-7323 Ed Royce: 714-255-0101 909-420-0010 626-964-5123 Chris Smith: 732-780-3035 609-286-2571 732-350-2300 609-585-7878 Erik Paulsen: 952-405-8510 Ryan Costello: 610-696-2982 610-376-7630 Ileana Ros-Lehtinen 305-668-2285 Charlie Dent: 610-770-3490

    • Uploaded: 10/12/2017