2g-ACM - Rimless Enfields - M1917 vs Ishapore 2A1 - Dirty Berms



We're taking a break from modern guns for this match series and decided to pit two very interesting and historic Enfield rifles against one another:

M1917 "Eddystone" in 30-06 vs Ishapore 2A1 in 308 NATO

We're also doubling down on the expert level in this match by using a Cimarron WW1 style 1911 pistol.

We've not had the best of luck with 303 Enfields at 2g-ACM so we're curious if these particular warhorses chambered in rimless rounds will make it through the entire match without a malfunction!

Stage 1: Dirty Berms and Range

Engage multiple small steel targets at 100 and 150 yards from multiple positions while prone in the Arizona filth and dirt.

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    • Uploaded: 10/17/2017