Polymer80 PF940SC completion using a drill press



Our Polymer80 PF940SC completion using a drill press video will show you how to complete the Polymer80 subcompact frame using the included endmill and a drill press. We don't recommend that you complete the frame this way as you will see in the video. We recommend that you complete the frame using a Dremel. Visit our channel for the completion using a Dremel video.

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Video index:

Recommendation - 0:16

What's included - 0:41

Basic steps - 1:09

Drilling the frame - 1:36

Cutting the frame - 2:55

Cutting the barrel block - 4:31

Installing the magazine release - 7:19

Installing the rails - 8:15

Installing the trigger - 9:44

Installing the takedown - 12:03

Does it work? - 13:07

    • Uploaded: 03/03/2019