100 year old 1911 vs a new(ish) 1911 accuracy test



I compare the accuracy of my 1911A1 made in 1918 with one made by Colt in the 1980 that has hardly been shot (less than 500 rounds). How much has decades of wear and tear impacted the accuracy of a 1911?

This video was cursed to shoot. I shot this video 5 different times and there was always some problem or another. Either camera problems that caused footage to get lost, random wind noise, repeated jams from the old gun (some made it in the video anyway). It was just one thing after another trying to get this video done. The tests were a lot of fun to do so it's not all lost. The footage I ended up using was the best I could get from multiple shoots but does lack some shots I would prefer, like closely comparing the targets at each ranges up close, but the information should all still be there from the target cams.

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    • Uploaded: 01/16/2019