Henry Lever Action .410 Shotgun



Henry's .410 gauge lever gun comes in two variants, the 20" integral choke H018-410R and the longer 24? H018-410 which will be the subject of this video. The major difference between the two is the 24" uses interchangeable Invector chokes, should you decide to play the pattern game with the firearm. The gun comes with a Full choke installed from the factory. On the 410 A single Large brass bead makes up the sight system, and the steel parts are impeccably blued, down to the sling studs, which compliments the American walnut furniture well. Shells are loaded from the front of a traditional tubular magazine, which I think works well for a shotgun, as a loading gate would probably cause more issues than it would solve, given the loading of plastic hulls. Henry states that the firearm has a 5 shot tube, but ours definitly holds 6 +1 of the Aguila 2 1/2 loads. All in all, you can tell that this gun is setup as a field piece, whereas the chopped down variant was intended to be a little more versatile for hunting. Either way these would look right at home in a display case.

    • Uploaded: 01/09/2019