Top 5 Gear Items Of 2018: Lights, Scopes, Hearing Protection, etc...



Been a great year and I've reviewed some great gear this year. I pick the top 5 that really got my attention and go over why.

Primary Arms, LLC Raptor with free mount: Team Walkers Razor Bluetooth: Streamlight, Inc. MicroStream USB: It's $24.99 at BDU and they have the $0.99/month membership here: SureFire, LLC M600DF: Trijicon, Inc. VCOG (Code TWC5 for 5% off and free shipping): Geissele Automatics, LLC ACOG/VCOG mount (code NBM for 10% off): PL-2 Valkyrie:

1776 United Crossing hoodie: (use code 1776Mrgunsngear for 10% off):

Forged From Freedom Shirts: (code MRGUNS10 for 10% off):

My store:



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    • Uploaded: 01/05/2019