The P.E.W. Review



Tj Kirgin AKA Sig Glockncolt takes the P.E.W. out for a head to head test against his Fatal 15, check it out and tell us what YOU think in the comments below.

The P.E.W - Port Enhanced Weapon System for Glock Slide Compensation and Barrel Porting- The mad scientists at Wise Lite Arms took Gaston Glocks "C" series concept and made it better by integrating the porting into a kick-ass slide design. Welcome to the first Slide Cut that actually improves weapon function and reduces recoil impulse by taking the "snap" out and leaving only the PEW. CHECK IT OUT HERE! https://shop.tacticalshit.com/the-p-e-w-port-enhancement-weapon-system

    • Uploaded: 01/04/2019