Energetic Armament VOX S: The Strongest Silencer Yet Made



The VOX S from Energetic Armament is a 7.62 suppressor that brings some interesting features to the table. At its core the VOX is composed of a welded stack of baffles made of C300 Maraging (MARtensitic AGING) nickel-cobalt superalloy. This is the same alloy used in rocket booster casings by NASA. While the welded stack provides strength and approximatly a 10% increase in internal volume, Energetic Armament has also integrated a removable end cap that holds an optional wipe. This was done to combat first round pop, and fits well with the already considerable performance of the VOX.

Night Testing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gmn74sbUXBg

    • Uploaded: 12/30/2018