In this episode of Suppressed Nation we take a look at what we think is one of the top 556 suppressors on the market today. RMS2 motto is "Built for Battle" and a quick search for the Hopaii will show a few torture test where the breaks literally melt inside the can and the suppressor is fine! Im a firm believer in dedicated suppressors per caliber and this is one of the best sounding 556 suppressors we have had the pleasure of using. The added bonus of the rear being threaded to accept a variety of mounting systems makes this a huge plus for those of us running pinned 14.5s. This company is not new to the suppressor game but comes from years of experience in the industry putting a new twist on proven technology!

For your own Hopaii please visit Hansohn Brothers. Sign up for an account on their web site and email that you are a follow of Suppressed Nation to view special pricing. Click below

RMS2 Hopaii

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    • Uploaded: 12/25/2018