Kentucky Concealed Carry Classes



Are you prepared to protect yourself? The Kentucky Concealed Carry Applicant Course is a good way to learn the principles of firearms safety and marksmanship. In the class you will also learn about the laws governing the carrying of a concealed weapon within the commonwealth.

The course consists of a minimum six hours of classroom instruction. Following classroom instruction is a live fire exercise where the student shoots 20 rounds on a B21 target.

Information about the CCDW Class: Visit my website: Follow me on Facebook: Join me on Full30: Patreon: T-Shirts: Here are several different types of fun targets to shoot: Sink the Boat target: Correcting shooting errors target: Shooting game targets: Zombie targets: Hostage targets: Pistol Poker targets: Police training target: Join the NRA and get a discount here:

    • Uploaded: 12/18/2018