Olight Warrior X 2000 Lumen Flashlight & Huge Weekend Sale!



Olight Warrior X 2000 Lumens Re-chargeable LED Flashlight Weekend Mega Sale! CLICK HERE TO BUY: http://bit.ly/2UhmM7Q

Olight Warrior X Orig: $129.99 Christmas Deal:$84.49 Promotion Period: Dec.. 14th to 17th

*They also have their PL-2 Valkyrie 1,200 lumen weapon light for $59

The Warrior X produces 2000 lumens max or 300 lumens, throw 560 meters and can endure harsh 2-meter drops. With longer beam throw, magnetic metal tail switch, creative low power indicator and more optional accessories. While using 3mm tempered glass for the lens, the entire body of Warrior X is made of aluminum alloy.

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    • Uploaded: 12/14/2018