Steampunk Apocalypse Suppressed .22 Rifle



This one has been a long time coming. I've needed a bolt action .22LR rifle for a suppressor host for a while. I finally broke down and got one from BigDaddy Unlimited. But I wanted to do something artistic and different. I was going for a functional Steampunk, post-apocalyptic look, with a nuclear ash finish. However, I stayed away from adding gaudy brass tubing and other frivolous elements. This whole thing was designed around the Bitty from bowers group, a tiny silencer optimized for rifles like this Ruger Precision rifle in .22 LR.

If you want more info on Big Daddy Unlimited visit my website where we have a full synopsis of if it a service you should be using: https://vsomedia.org/bdu/

The Music used in this video is the main theme from Skyrim (Except for the end sequence which is the official VSO Theme)

    • Uploaded: 12/19/2018