Springfield Armory 911 Semi-Automatic 380 ACP Pistol



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Jeff Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) tests the Springfield Armory 911 Semi-Automatic 380 ACP Pistol.

The Springfield 911 pistol functioned flawlessly with every type of ammo tested. Every cartridge fed, fired, and ejected perfectly. The slide is very easy to operate to chamber a cartridge. The magazine loads with very little effort. The trigger pull is a perfect single-action pull. There is no long, stacking, trigger pull on this weapon; just a light, crisp, short trigger pull, like a 1911, because it IS very close to a1911 in operation. Using the seven-shot magazine, the grip is long enough to get every finger on the pistol for easy control, even with my large hand. Even while using the Buffalo Bore Plus P ammo, the pistol is easy to fire, and easy to fire accurately. The 911 also conceals very easily and comfortably, with the slide being just a hair over three-quarters of an inch thick, yet having a barrel that is long enough to squeeze more velocity from a 380 cartridge. Springfield also thoughtfully put an ambidextrous safety on this pistol for those of us who shoot with the left hand. The 911 is a dandy little 380 pistol. It has an excellent feel, great sights, easy controls, and is reliable with a wide variety of ammunition. Springfield got this one just right.

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    • Uploaded: 12/11/2018