Volusia County Sheriff Shoots Through Windshield After High Speed Chase



Situation: On November 19, 2018, deputies from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Florida respond to a tip from Lake County authorities that a wanted felon was driving a gold-colored Honda into their county. Shortly after the tip was received, deputies spotted 33-year-old Dillon Parker who immediately swerved into oncoming traffic, ramming one of the deputies off the road.

A dangerous high-speed chase immediately followed the incident. During the chase, deputies from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office were forced to use tire deflation strips, which served to slow the suspect down. He eventually came to a stop about one half-mile after hitting the deflation strips where he exited his vehicle and immediately opened fire on law enforcement officers. The following footage was recorded on the body worn camera system of Volusia County Deputy Wesley Blum.

Multiple deputies pursue Parker on the highway until his vehicle comes to a complete stop about one half-mile after hitting a tire deflation device. The instant Parker steps out of his vehicle, he opens fire on the closest deputy’s vehicle. His intention is clear in this moment. He wants to fire on police long enough to maneuver to another vehicle where he can once again attempt to evade and escape from police custody. Deputy Blum recognizes the clear threat to his life, the life of other deputies near him, and the threat to the public should Parker manage to escape. This prompts him into making the decision to draw his pistol and open fire on Parker through the windshield of his own police cruiser to stop the threat before it can escalate any further and put others at further risk. Parker immediately retreats from the incoming gun-fire when an off-duty officer from Deland Police Department, who was on his way to the gym, grabs his assault rifle out of his truck and opens fire on Parker. His rounds connect with Parker and stop the threat immediately allowing the deputies to maneuver and detain the grievously wounded suspect before he can get to a second vehicle.

As soon as the deputies fully detain and disarm Parker, they immediately start rendering life saving aid. Parker was then airlifted to the Halifax Health Center where he underwent surgery and was put into an intensive care unit in critical condition. He is expected to survive. No officers were injured in the shooting. Deputy Blum from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, and Officer Tangle from the Deland Police Department were both placed on paid administrative lead pending an investigation. Parker had a warrant for his arrest stemming from a shooting that happened previously on November 10, 2018 following a fight outside of a Deleon Springs home. The dispute occurred with another criminal, 33-year-old Daniel Dekmar, and was the result of the two partners in crime sharing the same girlfriend. Both Dekmar and Parker are in Halifax Health’s intensive care unit on the same floor. “It’s the same people committing crimes over and over again. Eighty percent of the crime in our county is committed by the same 20 percent of people. The State Attorney’s Office and judges are not doing enough to keep these guys off the streets.” Said Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood in a press conference following this event.

    • Uploaded: 12/07/2018