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Many moons ago, Ted Nugent was a surprise guest on a fledgling podcast called GunOwners of America Radio. A listener set it up without the the host knowing it.

The podcast became GCN Syndicated Radio Show, Lock N Load with Bill Frady and the unknowing host was me.

That one put me on the map, so to speak.

Fast forward 6 years later. Now I have sponsors like Boyds Gunstocks sponsoring the show. Boyds wanted to do a project for veterans as a way of giving back, which of course, I was all in on that one.

But timing was to approach this near the NRA AM in Dallas Texas.

Enter Ted Nugent. I had arranged to video interview him, once again, in Dallas. But we had nowhere to conduct the interview.

I thought to mention Boyds Gunstocks booth to Linda Peterson, Nugent PR Boss, and she said yes.

What follows is totally unscripted and an outstanding example of 2 giants ( Nugent and Boyds) coming together to give back.

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    • Uploaded: 11/28/2018