Are You Prepared? Chapter 1 The Plate Carrier



After the dual hurricanes, I began to assess my preparedness and I found it lacking in nearly every area. So with that in mind I began to increase my preps, and get things to a better degree or reactive capability.

I began by building out and fitting my plate carrier. The Tetsuda from AR500 Armor. Mated with Level III+ Lite rated to stop .308 along with trauma pads also from AR500 Armor.

For the Trauma kit I chose the Dark Angel DARK Kit. Kerry Davis has taken the IFAK concept and shrunk it to a smaller size without giving up anything effective.

For pouches G W Aryes of Tactical Tailor supplied a 3 mag shingle called the Magna Mag Carrier. Combined thes ingredients give me a complete package that will definitely work if I have to go out a door.

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    • Uploaded: 11/25/2018