Tactical Response Fighting Pistol After Action Review



I just completed the Tactical Response Fighting Pistol Class in Camden Tennessee, and I want to take this time to talk you into doing the same thing.

Big shoutout to Rob Morse from Self Defense Gun Stories and The Polite Society podcasts for making the trip and taking the class with me. Thank You Sir!

James Yeager invited me to this years ago, so this year I resolved to suck it up and go. I should have done that ages ago.

The Fighting Pistol class, is just that. Not about shooting, not about marksmanship (Maybe a little).

This prepares you for the 3 phases of an armed self defense encounter. The Physical, Mental and Legal.

And it exceeded my expectations.

I took 2 prototype MAC pistols to the class, the CP 9 and the FP 9 from Ace Firearms, and they ran like a pair of Swiss watches.

Training will help you overcome your shortcomings so go out and train

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    • Uploaded: 11/25/2018