Rebel Silencers SOS Hunter: Budget Friendly 30 cal Suppressor



The Rebel Silencers SOS Hunter is a .30 cal silencer built around the perspective of providing an option for suppression that doesn't carry the heft or the price of your normal 30 cal can. To do that, some compromises had to be made, thus the main components are made of Aluminium, rendering the device not full auto capable. As a caveat, I would say that if you are the owner of any transferable machine gun in 30 cal, that this is probably not something that is on your radar, you are operating with a much different budget. That compromise has also lead to the production of a very light weight can. I think especially if you are looking for a lightweight solution for a hunting rifle that must be carried great distances that this would be a very pertinent choice, allowing you to expend more of your weight allowance on optics or supplies.

More on the SOS Hunter: https://rebelsilencers.com/sos-hunter

    • Uploaded: 11/28/2018