Diary of an Ex Glock FanBoy Pt 2- CZ P09 Range Test



The odyessy continues as i explore the different pistols out there available, other than Glock.

Originally I was going to to take out a Canik TP9sfx. The pistol is quite impressive out of the box, with an astounding figure, but last week they were recalled by Century Arms. Instead I shifted to the CZ P09 DA/SA Semi Auto.

For me, CZ hasn't ever been a gun I sought out. Great reputation, but not a lot of saturation in the market. Or maybe I was blinded by my Glock FanBoy status.

The CZ just runs like a HellCat! 1st shot in double action is smooth, the following single action shots are fast. 19 round capacity, and excellent ergonomics.

Ok. CZ is good for me.

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    • Uploaded: 11/22/2018