Diary of an Ex Glock FanBoy Pt 3 The CZ P10c Range Test



As I continue to seek out modern semi auto pistols….that are not made by Glock, here is another look at a viable alternative.

I am beginning to love any gun that has CZ in its name. The CZ P09 is an outstanding DA/SA pistol, and I am sure the smaller version, the P07 is equally impressive.

But DA/SA is so passe’, or at least some people think so, striker fired is the only way to go. Enter the CZP10c. Looking like a VP9/Glock19 hybrid, this gun seems like the result of CZ observing the trending 9mm market and combining the relevant features in one offering.

The geometry of the pistol allows it to fit into some holsters made for the Glock 19, but not all. The slide and frame seems like it is shaped like the H&K VP9, although ergonomically it is not quite there. This is more utilitarian, than a grip you can dial in, whereas the VP9 side panel/back strap combinations allow that gun to shape shift to fit your hand.

But then we come to the trigger. Actuation and reset are startling….in a good way. The trigger is so good that the ergonomic considerations pale in comparison.

In the future, CZ told me that the P07-P10c mags will work in both guns. I found the P09 mags will function in the P10c as well.

My question is now that CZ has put out the P10c for the carry market, will we see a service pistol sized P10 in out future? How about in different calibers? 10mm anyone?

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    • Uploaded: 11/22/2018