NightHawk Customs Agent 2-This is a Gun I Have to Buy



This was shot originally at ShotShow 2018, but I just got this channel!

Being a media partner of NightHawk Customs is great, but you have to learn to keep your distance.

Not because of the people. The crew that owner Mark Stone has assembled, is as friendly and easy to get along with as anyone possibly could be. No the problem is that they are so good at building a gun that you had better be ready to buy if you try. Trust me on that one.

So. SHOT Show 2018, and at NightHawk it is the Agent 2 that is grabbing all the headlines. The Agent 2, this is a collaboration between NightHawk, Agency Arms, RailScales, Hillbilly223 and Cerokote, so you know that combination is going to be special.

I have shot both NightHawk and Agency Arms pistols and have marveled at how well done they are, flawlessly executed, etc etc. You get the picture.

But let me leave this out here. I never shot the Agent 1.

So it was party time in the desert hosted by Agency Arms, NightHawk Custom, FN, AR500 Armor, and Reactive Gunworks. Armed with my Sony a6500, to the desert we went.

I was ok til Nelson Riddle of NightHawk insisted I shoot the Agent 2. And then I did, and I will let the video do the talking on that. Amazing!

Back at the NightHawk booth the next day to film with Allen Wyatt and I am completely sold on getting an Agent 2.

    • Uploaded: 11/21/2018