Ted Nugent NRA Annual Meeting 2018



From this years NRAAM in Dallas Texas.

Uncle Ted is many things. A Rock n Roll Icon, a slashing guitar player, an apex hunter, unadulterated patriot, and unashamed gun owner.

And he is also a good friend of Lock N Load.

So I got him to sit down with me for a half hour in Dallas.

After setting up something great with the host of the interview, Boyds Gunstocks, we sat down to have another great discussion.

As usual, Uncle Ted delivers.

After our chat he tried his best to pose with as many Nugent Fans as he could, before he went off to that next interview.

We will revisit the Boyds Gunstock/ Ted Nugent collaboration later.

For now, enjoy this great conversation.

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    • Uploaded: 11/21/2018