I have been a fan of the CZ pistols since the 80s. I was introduced to them in Europe, before they were available here. Very utilitarian, seemingly designed for combat.

Fast forward to 2018. I met Jason Morton of CZUSA at ShotShow and then shared meal with him at the NRAAM in Dallas. Phone calls. Discussions.

So this month he sent me a box of guns to review! And this one is not going back to CZ.

This is the CZ P07. I own and have reviewed the CZ P09, and I thought that pistol was a perfect combat pistol, but possibly a little on the large side for CCW.

That is solved by the CZ P07. This gun runs like a screaming banshee, handles like one of CZs more refined weapons, and is very concealable.

But how easy is it to run in certain self defense scenarios?

Watch this and find out.

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    • Uploaded: 11/18/2018