This was a local 3gun competition with only 20 participants but it was very physically and mentally challenging.

You started with a rifle on the table, condition 1, full loaded mag. At the beep you had to turn one of three cards that had a particular smiley face on it, and remember it. Then you had to hit a clay pigeon and a small blue plate at 50 meters and then engage each red steel target twice at 100-150m Quick sprint to the next area where you had to shoot paper targets from cover, make a tactical reload and complete a 1-5 drill.

Then run to the next table where you had to turn one of the 3 cards - each containing 3 different calculations/equations that determined how many shots you had to shoot for each target (combined total of 9 shots). Of course the shots had to be made one handed, moving backward while extracting the "hostage". Unload the handgun and run to the next area.

Here you can also see someone picking up my empty mag, loading it and handing it back to me at 2:04 - because i forgot to bring enough mags for my Rex :/

Shotgun was unloaded and you were allowed to only load max of 3 rounds at once. You had to shoot the middle popper first and then the other two - in color matching. So if i shot the the blue one in the middle, then i had to also shoot the left blue and right blue ones before continuing with another color. You could see that some poppers were slow falling and i had to do a double take because i wasn't sure - i didn't want to get and procedure penalty. Also with the last loading i somehow managed to engage the safety which cost me a second... After the shotgun there was a run to the final portion of the stage that you had to shoot with your handgun - everything from cover. Two close up and one at 30m distance. Then move to the next point, engage what you can, do a tactical reload and hit a steel popper that triggers a sliding target. Do you still remember the smile card that i had to uncover at the beginning of the stage? Well you had to hit only the target with the corresponding smiley face when it was moving. And as if that wasn't enough you had three targets at the end with small black objects - one with mobile phone, one with a knife and one with a gun, You were not allowed to shoot the one without the weapon...

It was a crazy stage! Very exhausting but also a ton of fun :)

    • Uploaded: 11/17/2018