Mail Time! The High Threat Concealment QRS Belt



Back in May I hooked up with the guys from High Threat Concealment at a steakhouse in Dallas Texas.

There they invited me to their booth, and from that we decided to work on a couple of projects together. And here is the 1st.

Scott Lambin, at HTC decided to send out the Quick Response System Salvo belt, set up to run either my Ace Firearms MAC FP9 or my NightHawk Custom Falcon.

This belt set up is quite serious. Set up for 2 different types of applications, this feels like a highly refined battle belt. Running 1 pistol, 2 pistol mags, 3 rifle mags, and a multi pouch, with room for a trauma kit, this belt easily replaces the chest rig in my Not Today Antifa kit.

Lets take this set up to the range shall we?

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    • Uploaded: 11/13/2018