Glock Clone! MAC FP 9 by Ace Firearms



I wish Glock had a better grip angle....and trigger.....and sights. But they don't come that way form the factory, unfortunately.

So enter a Glock clone with all of Glocks strengths and none of the weaknesses.

The Militia Arms Custom FP9 from Ace Firearms, is a perfect example of improvement on this platform.

A grip angle like a 1911, a trigger and sight system worthy of any competition gun. And with Modifications that any Gucci Glock would be jealous of, with a fast, flat shooting impulse that is equal to anything out there.

Built by Roger ward at Ace Firearms, this gun ran like a Swiss watch at the Tactical Response Fighting Pistol class, but it had never been to range for a video review.

This needed to be corrected, hence here it is.

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    • Uploaded: 11/13/2018