The PSL-54 is a Romanian manufacture DMR role rifle chambered in the widely popular 7.62x54r cartridge used in many iconic soviet firearms like the Mosin nagant. This rifle is imported by Century Arms. The PSL is literally an upscaled Kalashnikov style rifle built on a stamped receiver and trunnions, however multiple reinforcements and dimensional changes have been made to accommodate the caliber upgrade. To be clear this is not an SVD and thus it does not carry Dragunov pricing. However, included with the rifle is a current production PO4 4x optic manufactured in Russia. The main functional difference between the two is the PSL is built around a long stroke gas piston and the SVD uses a short stroke. the result being a surprisingly soft shooting rifle, especially compared to other rifles in this caliber. The PSL comes with two detachable 10 round mags, and weighs in just over 10 lbs with optics. Rifle does have a 24 in barrel, and last round bolt hold open. Accuracy may vary depending on the quality of 7.62X54R cartridges and last round bolt hold open.

    • Uploaded: 11/14/2018