Why get a bumpstock when you can have a bumpfinger.



After about a month and a half recovering from my bumpfinger surgery, I got to use it for the very first time, and I'm pleased. see the results here. I need a lot of practice yet, but if I can do this the first time, imagine what i can do. Nothing Gunsense can do about it. My body, my choice.

This 300 blackout build was made possible with the help of Hardened Arms: https://www.hardenedarms.com/ DigiTrigger: https://www.digitrigger.com/ Both companies are fantastic to work with, shipped very fast, and have amazing products. Be sure to visit them.

After you watch this video, be sure to check out the Full30 forum at https://forum.full30.com/?u=tactical_reviews it's filled with great people willing to help..

    • Uploaded: 11/09/2018