Limited Edition Ruger Engraved Single-Six from Tyler Gun Works



FOR MORE INFO: https://www.gunblast.com/BOGE-TGW-RSSE.htm

Jeff & Boge Quinn ( http://www.gunblast.com ) check out the Limited Edition Engraved Ruger Single-Six (RSSE) 22 sixgun, from Tyler Gun Works in Friona, TX.

The Tyler Gun Works RSSE sixguns will be limited to not more than 100 produced, with a special serial number range of RSSE-001 through RSSE-099. The issue price, including a very accurate new reproduction of the original RSSE leatherette-covered, velvet-lined wooden box, will be $2499.99. To order and have the sixgun shipped to your local dealer, call Bobby Tyler at (806) 729-7292 or (806) 729-1943.

Check out Tyler Gun Works at www.tylergunworks.com.

You will be glad you did.

    • Uploaded: 11/08/2018