Obstacle Course at the Tiger Valley 2 Man 2 Gun



This was an excellent stage from the 2017 Tiger Vally 2 Man 2 Gun course.

Each shooter leapfrogged each other, engaging a target around 100 yards out, through the little tunnel, with 5 hits per target. The catch is that we had a lot of obstacles to hop over in order to get to our targets. We also couldn't start on the next obstacle until our partner had begun engaging the target.

We were exhausted by the time we got to the end and had completed all of the obstacles, and then we still had to run all of the way back! This stage had a high DNF rate.


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Brian Purkiss is a firearms enthusiast, competitive shooter, and 2nd Amendment activist. He participates in a wide variety of shooting competition formats, including Run and Gun, USPSA, 3 Gun, 2 Gun, and IDPA.

    • Uploaded: 11/08/2018