SilencerCo Salvo 12 Overview




The SilencerCo Salvo 12 gauge shotgun is the world's first commercially viable shotgun suppressor. The suppressor contains a system of rods and baffles to contain the blast of a shotgun. The rods allow the gas to escape into the baffles while preserving the function of the wad after it exists the barrel. The modular system of rods, baffles and caps allows for the customization of the Salvo 12 depending on your desired weight and noise reduction requirements. This modularity also allows for easy cleanup of the suppressor. The Salvo 12 is sold in the 12" length and comes with the 12" Rod Kit. Additional Rod kits, to shorten the Salvo to 10", 8" or 6", are available for purchase and can be installed the end user. In the 12" configuration, the Salvo 12 makes the blast of a shotgun more quiet than an unsuppressed 22lr, well below the 140 dB hearing-safe level set by OSHA. In addition to reducing sound pressure levels, the Salvo 12 significantly improves the perceived recoil of a shotgun; making shooting a more enjoyable experience for all.


The Salvo 12 combines versatility with performance. In the 12" configuration, it sounds impressively quiet. The 8 and 10" configurations are excellent for hunting, with the shortest 6" being suited for defensive use on short barrel shotguns. We have had no issues running the Salvo 12 on both pump action and semi-automatic shotguns. Pairing the Salvo with a Browning Maxus or Beretta A400 makes for a very enjoyable dove hunt without the need for traditional hearing protection.


Configurable between 6", 8", 10", and 12" lengths Mounts using a versatile choke system Rated for 16" barrels with 3" shells, 10" for 2 3/4" Chokes available for most all available shotguns

WHAT'S INCLUDED Instruction manual Salvo tool Storage pouch Rod alignment plug

COMPATIBLE ACCESSORIES Salvo 12 Rod Kit Salvo 12 Individual Chokes Salvo 12 Choke Kit

    • Uploaded: 10/23/2018