NG2 Maxflo 3D Overview



The NG2 (NEXGEN2 Defense) MAXFLO 3D is a re-imagination in how a rifle silencer should be designed. The Advanced Flow Dynamics system provides a zero back-pressure system. The lack of back-pressure results in a reduction in port noise, absence of blow-back, and maintains the natural cyclic rate of automatic rifles when adding a suppressor. The MAXFLO 3D removes the need to re-tune a rifle when changing between suppressed and unsuppressed use.

In addition to the lack of back-pressure, NG2 has engineered a suppressor with no discernible first round pop and excellent reduction in heat buildup. Should the user wish to clean the can after extremely heavy use, or use with cast lead projectiles, the MAXFLO 3D is one of the very user-serviceable center-fire rifle silencers on the market.

    • Uploaded: 10/13/2018