SilencerCo Chimera Overview




With no barrel restrictions, the SilencerCo Chimera is arguably the best choice for a short barreled rifle. Full-auto rated and compatible with .22 Hornet to .300 Winchester Magnum, the SilencerCo Chimera is usable on a variety of hosts. Compatible with Saker ASR mounts, ASR muzzle devices, and Saker front caps — the versatility you've come to expect from SilencerCo.


If you're thinking the Omega 300 is not tough enough for your requirements (trust us it is: video), meet the Chimera 300. The Chimera 300 uses the proven baffle geometry of the Omega 300 (known for how quiet it is for its size) and toughens it to create a heavy duty suppressor using more durable alloys and other structural improvements. The Chimera 300 is meant to be tough and industrial and comes with an improved Stellite blast baffle and a series of Inconel 718 baffles. Just like the Saker series and unlike many competitors, the Chimera 300 is fully welded. Given its more durable construction, the Chimera is full-rated without any barrel length restriction. Out of the box, the Chimera 300 is shorter than an Omega and sounds just as good. In comparison to other manufacturer's suppressors of a similar size, the Chimera comes out ahead by a few decibels. Further, the Chimera 300 uses the Industry's most popular mount, the ASR system to ensure a positive lockup on your firearm.


No barrel restrictions Full-auto rated Stellite blast baffle for durability Compatible with Saker mounts, end caps and ASR muzzle devices Comes with your choice of Saker mount and muzzle device 125dB-136dB sound reduction

COMPATIBLE ACCESSORIES: ASR Mount, Trifecta Mount, YHM Mount, 51t Mount, Direct Thread, Dead Air Key-mo Flat end caps, Flash hider end cap, Standoff end cap ASR flash hider, ASR muzzle brake

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    • Uploaded: 10/17/2018