Dead Air Sandman S and Sandman L Overview




For the person demanding absolute sound reduction, look no further than the Dead Air Sandman-L. The 8.9 inch long Sandman-L offers a sound reduction of 31dB with standard 7.62 ammunition.

To stand up to the violent conditions inside a suppressor, the baffles are made from Stellite and welded into a solid core. Combined with a tube and mount manufactured from precipitation hardened and heat treated steels, the Dead Air Sandman-L can withstand even the roughest abuse. The wobble and seizing issues that plague some QD mounts have been resolved with the Sandman-L, resulting in a suppressor that combines easy removal and one handed operation with a minimal point of impact shift.

A removable front cap houses the integrated flash hider, allowing for better performance in low light conditions. Since it is detachable, should an accident happen where the front cap is damaged, it can be replaced easily without having to send the suppressor away for time consuming repairs. The Dead Air Sandman-L® features a lifetime warranty and does not have a minimum barrel length restriction.


The Sandman-L from Dead Air not only offers top-tier decibel reduction, but has one of the most elegant mounting systems on the market. With a one-hand off, one-hand on mounting system, the Sandman-L is able to quickly be installed under a handguard if more rail space or a integral look is desired. The mounting system provides a very consistent POI when removing and reinstalling the suppressor, allowing for fantastic and repeatable accuracy. Bomb-proof durability lets the suppressor shine on select fire weapons with short barrels, and the mounting system allows for impressive results on precision rifles. The Dead Air Sandman-L is a suppressor that should be considered by anyone looking for uncompromising decibel reduction.


Industry leading sound suppression No minimum barrel length restrictions Full auto rated, from 5.56 to 300 Win Mag Full stellite baffle stack for extreme durability Key-mount QD system with solid lockup and repeatable POI Lifetime warranty Available in various cerakote colors


Your choice of muzzle device. 5/8x24 brake standard. Shim kit for muzzle device installation Heat-resistant storage pouch Suppressor manual Dead Air decal

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    • Uploaded: 10/07/2018