SilencerCo Saker ASR First Look




When the Saker was originally released, it brought extreme durability, replaceable endcaps, and modular mounting systems into the market. It was arguably the suppressor that changed how many people look at centerfire rifle cans. Since it's release other suppressors have been developed to have modular components and improve dB reduction, but the Saker has still been a king of durability. The new Saker ASR retains the same original Saker durability for extremely short barrel lengths and full auto abuse, but has improved dB reduction. Aside from the ASR mount being included and cosmetic changes, the Saker ASR is a quieter can at a much more accessible price point.


ASR Mounting system used on Omega, Hybrid, Harvester Big Bore and previous generation Specwars Compatible with SilencerCo MAAD mounts Full-Auto rated Mutli-caliber rated .22 Hornet to 5.56 NATO Rated to 7" barrel lengths Compatible with all SAKER MAAD front end caps


ASR Mount, Trifecta Mount, YHM Mount, 51t Mount, Direct Thread, Dead Air Key-mo Flat end caps, Flash hider end cap, Standoff end cap ASR flash hider, ASR muzzle brake

    • Uploaded: 10/02/2018