Winchester Model 70 Trigger Spring Kit Installation by MCARBO


Description Winchester Model 70 Trigger Spring Kit (Pre-2008) Reduce your trigger pull from 5lbs to 1lb Minimum 50% Trigger Pull Reduction Improve accuracy and overall rifle performance Functions in all Pre-2008 Production Winchester Model 70 calibers and variations Protected by the M*CARBO 100% Lifetime Guarantee Made in the USA! Fast Same Day Shipping! Winchester Model 70 Trigger Spring Kit Consists of a custom designed and manufactured Winchester Model 70 Trigger Return Spring

MCARBO now offers Winchester model 70 triggers to reduce your trigger pull weight by 50% at a minimum. American Made Custom Winchester model 70 trigger adjustment to give you a lighter consistent trigger pull. Let us know if you have any ideas for future Winchester model 70 accessories! Get the Best Winchester model 70 trigger replacement that's backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Do you need to spend a $150+ on a timney trigger winchester model 70 product when you can easily get the same results with an instructional winchester model 70 trigger job by MCARBO. Our Company President and Former Special Forces Operator will show you how to adjust winchester model 70 trigger in the installation video above.

Once again a winchester model 70 jewell trigger may be what safisfies some people but start here before dropping hundredes on a new trigger when you desired result exists in a winchester model 70 trigger spring from MCARBO. Winchester model 70 trigger disassembly takes 10-15 minutes and installation is a breeze. The MCARBO performance will rival the timney winchester model 70 trigger at a fraction of the cost!

This Trigger Kit Functions in all Pre-2008 Production Winchester Model 70 Rifles

M*CARBO is proud to be making Winchester mod 70 parts for your Winchester model 70 moa trigger! Winchester Model 70 Trigger Spring Kit Printable Instructions Check out the Winchester Model 70 pre 64 serial numbers list below.

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    • Uploaded: 10/01/2018