Easy Jig Gen 2 Instructions



The Easy Jig Gen 2 Multi Platform is absolutely the best thing for your DIY Project AR build. It is the best tool in your toolbox. Starting your AR build with an 80% lower can be a little daunting. However, the Easy Jig Gen 2 will help you build a totally legal AR-15, AR-9, or LR-308 without having to go through an FFL in minutes.

First, it’s got reversible side plates. Install ‘em one way for AR-15s and AR-9s, or flip ‘em over for 308's.

Second, these notches are a drill bit depth guide. They take the guesswork out of how deep you should be milling into your trigger pocket.

Next, you got a single pilot hole. No more drilling a million holes for the trigger pocket. Use the same pilot hole on every pass.

The end mill and drill bits are extra tough. As long as you’re drilling and milling straight down, these will last you a long time.

Attach the hose of your shop vac to this attachment and help keep the aluminum chips out of your way while you work.

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    • Uploaded: 09/27/2018