CZ 75B / EAA Witness - Field Strip



Our CZ 75B and Clone Field Strip Video will walk you through Field Stripping a CZ 75B and its clones like the EAA Witness. Field Stripping is an essential skill for the firearm owner to have since it is the basis for cleaning and doing basic maintenance.  

This Video features an EAA Witness pistol which is a clone of the CZ 75B. There may be slight differences in this pistol to the CZ 75B however, the procedures should be extremely similar.

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Video Index: 

History - 0:29

Checking for an unloaded firearm - 1:29

Removing the Slide from the Frame - 2:00

Removing the Recoil Spring from the Slide - 3:11

Removing the Barrel from the Slide - 3:57

Installing the Barrel into the Slide - 4:24

Installing the Recoil Spring into the Slide - 4:53

Installing the Slide onto the Frame - 5:50  

    • Uploaded: 09/09/2018