CATI ARMOR Level IV Standalone Ceramic Vs .30-06 M2 AP



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Test Gun: Springfield Armory, M1 Garand, 24" barrel Test Taken: 45 feet Round Used: 163gr M2 Armor Piercing (M2AP), FN Manufacture late 60s

Armor Used: CATi ARMOR, Level IV Ceramic Standalone plate: https://www.catiarmor.com/cati-steel-core-body-armor/level-iv-ceramic-cati-armor/level-iv-multi-hit-ceramic-single.html?acc=e4da3b7fbbce2345d7772b0674a318d5

Weather on 45ft shot: Temperature: 48.4°F Humidity: 89% Baro: 30.01" HG Dew Point: 45.1°F Elevation: 849 Feet.

Results: At 45 feet, both shots failed to penetrate this plate. Backface signature well under the limits. What else can this plate take :D

    • Uploaded: 09/07/2018