Emotional Attachment (Fanboyism) to Firearms is Toxic



Too often people get attached to their firearms, looking down on other people in the firearms community because they bought a different gun or use a different caliber.

That kind of thinking is toxic to the firearms community and divides us.

It's also pointless! Skill is more important than gear, but people seem to think they are better at "guns" because they bought a particular gun. Buying gear doesn't buy skill.

We need to cut this toxicity out of the community and unite against the anti-gun movement.


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Brian Purkiss is a firearms enthusiast, competitive shooter, and 2nd Amendment activist. He participates in a wide variety of shooting competition formats, including Run and Gun, USPSA, 3 Gun, 2 Gun, and IDPA.

    • Uploaded: 09/07/2018