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Company Background Steve Piche and Karl Edminster are both degreed engineers (S- Manufacturing Engineering, K- Electromechanical Engineering) and have operated a successful engineering business, Electromechanica, Inc. (EMI), since 2003. That business provides design, engineering & prototyping services to a wide range of commercial and government clients. EMI holds a Type 10 FFL (Mfg. of DD’s) and Type 20 FEL (Fed. Explosives Lisc.) and has done a wide range of military system & weapons development work. Karl & Steve formed a new separate company, Energetic Armament LLC, in 2017 to focus on the development & manufacture of weapons systems and components including suppressors. We ae joined by fellow engineer, Andrew DeMedeiros (electromechanical engineer) who has developed the custom CNC welding system we use to weld our cans.

Vox Development Following the successful launch of the Nyx and Nyx Mod2 rimfire silencer in August 2017, we began development on the Vox centerfire silencer. Vox is Latin for Voice- the voice of your firearm. We recognized a capabilities gap in the industry- You could have a tough, high temp capable silencer but it was heavy or you could have a lightweight titanium silencer but it could not handle harsh, high temperature use. There was no offering optimized to offer a solution that was light, tough and could withstand harsh, high temperature firing. The first step was using materials science to identify a material that would meet these requirements. After assessing hundreds of potential candidate materials, that material turned out to be C300 Maraging Steel (Martensitic Aging). This nickel-cobalt-iron alloy was developed in the 50’s for military and aerospace applications. One specific application caught our attention- NASA uses this material for rocket motor casings- casings that are subjected to extreme temperatures & pressures but must be light! Further research showed that this alloy was reasonably machinable in the annealed state, easily weldable and could be heat treated to achieve extraordinary strength. After heat treat this material has a room temperature tensile strength of approximately 285ksi (thousand pounds per square inch). What’s more, this alloy maintains more strength at 1,000°F than the 17-4PH stainless, typically used in other suppressors, has a room temp. EA is the first company to ever bring this high performance material to the silencer market.

C300 Maraging steel is such a high performance alloy that it is ITAR (International Traffick in Arms Regulations) controlled and is closely monitored by the US State Department and DoD as it is used in uranium centrifuges and other sought after weapons components. The ultra-high strength of this material allowed us to develop a silencer design that was incredibly light but did not sacrifice capability. The walls and baffles were engineered to optimize strength-to-weight allowing rating up to 300RUM and no barrel length restriction. Further, thinner walls give the Vox nearly 10% more internal volume than similar competitor’s silencers. Added volume and surface area allow better heat transfer and internal gas expansion- this means a quieter can!

    • Uploaded: 09/02/2018