Few people in the firearms industry can demonstrate a resume of working with SBR's that spans longer than mine. I know to some that is an arrogant statement. Please don't take it as such, it is merely a statement of fact. Since my very first build I have been an SBR guy. My editor once told me "if you keep focusing on these SBR's you're going to be known as a one trick pony." Not only have I proven him wrong - you guys have proven him wrong. SBR's in the form of AR-15 Pistols have now proven that the platform has a legitimate place in self defense applications. I have seen entire SWAT Teams and DPS Units switch over to 7.5" SBR's because they know that velocity isn't the end all be all that people claim it is. It all comes down to shot placement. Put hits where they matter and the threat will go away.

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    • Uploaded: 08/26/2018