Gear for a Run and Gun Shooting Competition



Run and gun shooting competitions are highly addictive, unique 2 gun shooting competitions. Run and guns generally involve a rifle and a pistol, about five miles of running/walking, carrying everything with you, and shooting multiple stages along the way. Every run and gun has their own unique flair to them and they will push your physical, mental, and shooting skills to their limits. Some run and guns include obstacles, some run and guns require you to use guns provided at the stage, some run and guns even happen at night!

Since run and gun shooting competition formats are so unique, one of the most common questions surrounding these events is, “what gear do I need for a run and gun?” So let’s take a look at exactly what gear is needed for a run and gun and how people will set things up.

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Brian Purkiss is a firearms enthusiast, competitive shooter, and 2nd Amendment activist. He participates in a wide variety of shooting competition formats, including Run and Gun, USPSA, 3 Gun, 2 Gun, and IDPA.

    • Uploaded: 08/23/2018