Enhanced War Belt - Transition and Reloads



This video shows me running our Enhanced War Belt with my Tavor X95. Magazine retention on our elastic magazine pouches is excellent and makes it very easy to reload from. The belt i'm running in this video has 2x pistol magazine pouches and 1x rifle magazine pouch built in. Sewn in magazine pouches makes everything extremely compact and light weight. The pistol i'm running is a Sig P320c with an Apex Tactical Enhanced Flatty trigger in an ANRDesign LLC holster, attached to the belt with the Safariland MLS16 and QLS. You can't really see in the video, but I use our Drop Leg MOLLE Adapter for holding my shot timer, and I use our Utility Clip for attaching my gloves. I'm wearing our EDC Belt under the Enhanced War Belt, which is my every day gun belt.

    • Uploaded: 08/13/2018