What's the Deal With 224 Valkyrie?



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In this video we shoot and discuss the 224 Valkyrie, both the good and the bad. We've been exposed to the caliber since January 2018 when we started testing 1:7" barreled rifles with less than stellar, and certainly less than advertised results. We decided to wait it out a bit before putting out a video on the subject and in that time, faster twist barrels became available and so far seems that a 1:6.5" twist rate is the ticket for the Valkyrie with all bullets weights. There are many that say the 1:7' twist rate is best for the caliber but so far we and many others have to disagree. Using the Miller Stabilization Formula, all bullet weights have a higher stabilization factor in the faster twist rates.

We did experience some issues with jackets separating from the cores of the 90gr Sierra Matchking factory loads outside of the barrel, an issue that has reared its head recently. We had three jackets separate in this range session likely due to increased muzzle velocity from the heat and the Power Pro 2000-MR powder used in our handloads. We have heard from multiple sources that Sierra is redesigning these particular projectiles and Federal has since notified the shooting public that they are working to correct the apparent issues with the 90gr factory loads.

We do still have load development to do with the 88gr ELD-M projectiles from Hornady and the new 95gr Sierra Matchkings as well as testing a 1:6" twist rate barrel. We will update the results in the sheet above as new data is collected for those interested in following our progress. Stay tuned, much more on the way. CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE! http://www.iraqveteran8888.com

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    • Uploaded: 08/17/2018