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Note: I have full rights to use music in this video. It was purchased on Audiojungle. I also own full rights to intro song and animation.

Full Disclosure: I am reimbursed for my time spent testing and evaluating these products. The payment is to serve as reimbursement for time spent driving to and from the range, ammo, shooting, filming time, and editing time. In no way do I let the monetary exchange influence my opinion on the product.

My reviews are based on what the product can do and not what I think of it which keeps the video as factual as possible. If I happen to express an obvious liking for a product, it's because I truly like how it performed, not because I was paid. I've yet to be approached by ANY manufacture that would want a "fluff piece" video. In fact they request just the opposite, hence my T&E designation.

I test, give them my findings, and release a video on the product. I wanted to be forthcoming to all my subscribers so nobody is left in the dark. As always, thanks for watching!

    • Uploaded: 08/07/2018