I had not originally planned to do a video on the Draco. I just assumed that it was a ubiquitously known firearm and that my input wasn't really necessary. That said, I received several questions from you guys about the Draco after our video on the new C39V2 pistols. So I felt compelled to have both sent our way. What can I say, power to the people. The Draco is a Romanian manufacture century arms import and it come in two variants, the mini and the micro. As the name implies these are very small in relative comparison to your run of the mill AK, despite still being chambered in 7.62x39. The main functional difference between the two is the barrel length, the mini having a 7.75" barrel and the micro coming in at 6 even. Both are threaded 14X1 left hand for compatibility with standard AK muzzle equipment. The guns are built on a stamped receiver set around Romanian forged trunnions giving us a beefy little tank of a pistol out of the soo gear plant. This gun is not subject to 922R compliance due to its importation as a pistol.The only other notable difference besides the commensurate handguard lengths is the difference in the rear sights. The micro having an top-cover mounted fixed rear sight over the traditional AK rear sight leaf present on the mini.The rest of the guns are rounded out with a full dip in commie parts bin, all except for that of the Magpul mags that they ship with.

C39V2 Pistol Video: https://youtu.be/rpe-vR7Liyc

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    • Uploaded: 08/01/2018